Why Found & Favor?

As a family, our lives are centered in






By faith- As Christians, we have been found by God, and this directly effects every facet of our lives: from how we view God, ourselves, our family, our friends, and our community. We desire for each person to feel loved and valued by us, and to feel like a special part of our Breesy family.

By family- We believe that it is our greatest privilege to be “found” by our children, whether by natural biological birth, surrogacy, IVF, adoption, or fostering. They are a special gift that has been given to us and we are grateful to navigate life together! We desire for each child to be raised with love and affection, while forming healthy attachments and mutual trust with their caregiver.

By friendship- Each and every friend that we have found, or that has found us, is a special treasure. They are a piece of our lives that we cherish, no matter how long these friendships remain. Each person is a part of our story.


By faith- Through Jesus Christ, we have found favor among God, by having our sins wiped away by His ultimate sacrifice. And we would love to share this treasure with you, supporting and encouraging you in your faith and life!

By family- As a family unit, we desire to encourage and support one another to the best of our abilities: by holding one another in high regard, showing continual kindness, and performing constant personal sacrifice.

By friendship- Through our friendships, we desire to show favor to the ones we hold dear, and others that we come in contact with. We consider others as more important than ourselves, at the deepest level, although we naturally will not always get it right.