How to: Sling Wrap

Sling Wrap 


Step 1- Ensuring fabric is not twisted behind your back, place sling opening across your back, with rings high up on your non-dominant shoulder. The support tail will hang to the front of your body.

Step 2- Lifting up on the bottom ring (with support tail attached to that ring), place large tail through the bottom ring. *At this stage you can create a pocket, that you think will best fit your child, by placing your arm into the sling pocket and adjusting by gently pulling down on the rings, strand by strand.

Step 3- Keeping the sling fabric untangled, place child in pocket, ensuring their bottom is below their knees, and they are in a proper M-position. Tighten the large tail across your child’s back by lifting on your child’s bottom and tightening the sling strand by strand. *TIP: pull each strand of tail fabric in the direction towards the sling body across your child to ensure the most slack is removed.

Step 4- Gathering up the large, primary tail in your hand opposite the rings, tightly place the tail fabric across your child’s back for extra support.

Step 5- Place primary tail fabric UNDER your child’s leg, behind your back, preparing your waist belt.

Step 6- Gather your support rail in the hand on the ring side of your sling, and bring it to your back, to cross over the other tail, creating the back of your waist belt. *You can choose to tie at the back and end here, if your sling is not long enough or you prefer this tie position

Step 7- Bring the two tails across each other again, and tie a knot at your hip or front of body (length allowing) to secure your waist belt into place

Step 8- Flare out your excess tail for a more aesthetic appearance, and enjoy your supportive, convenient, and functional hybrid sling wrap!

TIP** If you do not want to use your sling wrap with its support tail function, just pop both tails into the ring hole and flare out to make a cute puff, and have the long tails out of your way, as you wear your child!